While many agree that email marketing is an out-of-date service, there are some who still receive, and benefit, from receiving promotions and marketing messages in their inbox. However, these individuals understand that email marketing isn't the only effective form of digital communication between businesses and customers, and they are becoming increasingly interested in new methods, namely text message marketing.

Multi-channel marketing firm Responsys conducted a survey of the company's email marketing recipients over the holiday season. According to the results, 40 percent of email recipients were interested in receiving promotional messages via text as well.

Michael Penna, the Senior Vice President of Emerging Channels at Responsys, said in a press release that this number represents a trend and a change in marketing preference. He explained that more marketers must be cognizant of this fact and adjust their operations accordingly.

"The mobile phone is an incredibly personal device, so while the opportunities for mobile marketing are immense, it's critical that marketers take the time to design great permission-based mobile experiences that complement campaigns on other channels," Penna said. "Long-term success in the mobile channel requires a deep understanding of customer needs and interests as well as the ability to coordinate mobile with the other key digital channels of email, social and display."

As technology changes and mobile phones acquire increased functionality, more people still turn to the SMS application for communication. It remains the most used smartphone app, even as social giants like Facebook and Twitter work to update their existing applications and every phone comes with an email function.

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