In today's information age, people want answers and they want them now. The foundation of Google's success is based on that fact. However, despite Google's impressive advancements in recent years, no machine can beat one-on-one communication between two individuals. That's why some companies have implemented SMS Services so they can answer professional questions and relay information via texting.

According to an article in the Basking Ridge Patch, the Bernards Township Library in Basking Ridge, New Jersey is offering a service to customers that allows them to text inquiries and receive information quickly and from a human respondent. Users can text questions such as "what time does the library close?" or "Do you have Game of Thrones in stock?" and receive accurate, human-generated answers.

The library is also using this service to send text alerts such as upcoming events or important news.Ruth Lufkin, the library's director, told the news source that the decision to implement this service was fueled by the increasing popularity of texting.

"Recognizing the increased use of text messaging by patrons of all ages, we felt it important to offer a way to communicate with the library via text messaging," Lufkin said. "The new service provides an easy-to-use interface for our librarians and maintains the privacy of our patrons' information."

Companies that implement services such as this can further their customer engagement by delivering valuable information. It provides another channel for consumers to communicate with their vendors. By keeping the lines of communication open, companies have the opportunity to answer any questions and alleviate any concerns, thus increasing the likelihood of future business.

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