As public schools opened in New York City this week, mayor Michael Bloomberg launched a new text message service to assist students' parents.

As part of his efforts to improve public education under his watch, Bloomberg is allowing parents to receive text alerts displaying calendar alerts, reminders and tips on how to access school resources.

The mayor spoke with the Wall Street Journal about the service and stressed the importance capitalizing on the new school year.

"The new school year is a new opportunity to build on the important progress we have made over the last several years, and working with schools, students and their families, we will do better this year than ever before," Bloomberg said. "That work starts by doing more to make sure parents have the information they need to help their children succeed – even when they are on the go."

In today's fast-paced environment, it's imperative for parents to know what their children are doing, how they are performing in school and if any changes are made that will affect their schedules. However, acquiring this information just isn't feasible using traditional methods. Adults on the go can't afford the time to search for information on their computers. Some even lack the ability to take phone calls. With text messaging, recipients can read a message and put their phone back in their pocket in a matter of seconds.

This is why sending text alerts is becoming so popular. It is the most effective way to relay pertinent information while taking up the least amount of time. Organizations considering implementing this kind of service should contact a text messaging service provider. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to coordinate an effective and efficient text alerts service.