President Obama certainly has a knack for capitalizing on popular social and technological trends.

In the 2008 presidential election, Obama used a combination of technological advancements and an understanding of the benefits of small donations to collect a tremendous amount of money. His prowess in the field of technology allowed him to defeat Senator John McCain in the election and become the 44th president of the United States.

Obama's camp is following a similar strategy this year as the president prepares for the final months of his reelection campaign. According to a report from Reuters, Obama's campaign managers announced late last week that they are finalizing agreements with the major U.S. carriers, which would allow supporters to text dollar amounts as a donation to Obama's campaign.

The article says that Obama's campaign ads will likely start to add a message asking viewers to text the code GIVE to 62262. This number was chosen by the campaign because the numbers spell out "Obama." By following these instructions and making this text, users will donate $10.00 to the campaign.

This is another example of Obama's commitment to utilizing available resources to offer convenience to their contributors and get the most out of their donations, an Obama campaign official told Reuters.

"Every avenue of fundraising that we have costs us money," the official said. "We pay the most competitive rates available in the marketplace to ensure our supporters have the greatest impact with their contribution."

Governor Romney is said to be implementing a similar service into his campaign efforts, and many analysts say this will be the future of fundraising. Businesses looking to set up similar programs to send and receive donations should work with a provider such as Swift SMS Gateway to gain the tools needed to launch a successful text message fundraiser.