Remembering to take medication on time is of the utmost importance. Depending on the severity of a medical condition, it could mean the difference between life and death. But, due to a number of reasons, many people forget to take medication at the times instructed by their physicians and pharmacists. However, technological advancements such as text message alerts have given patients a greater ability to remember to take their medication.

A study conducted by pharmacy benefits management firm OptumRx found that those who receive reminders to take their medication via text messaging are more likely to take it on time than those who don't. A total of 580 patients were studied and 85 percent of patients receiving text reminders took their medication on time versus 77 percent of those who received no reminders via text message.

Dr. Brian Solow, chief medical officer of OptumRx, stresses the importance of following medication instructions, also known as adherence. He explained in a statement that advancements in mobile technology could be a breakthrough in adherence improvement.

"Many of us are using our phones to do more – check the weather, read a news article, research information on a medical condition," Solow said. "It makes sense that reaching patients through technology could improve their adherence, and now we have the evidence to prove that it can, even among older patients."

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