How Can A Pig Text Using A SMS API?

About a year after Swift SMS Gateway started in 2007, a telling moment happened when a hog farmer called our sales desk past 5:00pm when it was closed. He wanted an SMS API account. Our President, Brian J. Johnson took the call.

So Simple Even A Pig Can Connect To Our SMS API

Why would a hog farmer want an SMS API? As it turned out, he was using an integrator to monitor the temperature of pig herds; a passel of hogs. Each pig had a rectal thermometer attached to a small wireless modem. Using Swift SMS API, the integrator created a simple routine to send a text message to farm hands if a pig’s temperature was too high, or low indicating a fever, or a displacement of the thermometer.

“Out of a hundred and one ways you can use SMS, I never thought you could get a pig to text!”
Brian J. Johnson, President & CEO, Swift SMS Gateway Inc.

SMS can improve health monitoring and biosecurity. In livestock, disease can have catastrophic risk on the food chain and its link to human health. A simple text message can make the difference in managing a timely response to livestock health.

Our President was amused, because if you can put a SMS message up a pig’s butt, then you could stick it anywhere! That example when Swift SMS started confirmed the potential of SMS and continues to amuse and enlighten people of the potential of SMS and its impact. That evening back when Swift SMS was starting out, Brian told his wife why he was smiling so much after ignoring her calls for dinner, and took that call. Brian said, “Swift SMS Gateway is going places.” And indeed it has.

If you think you have a use for SMS that will amuse us as much as this one, give us a call at 1-800-264-7141 and mention Wilbur, the pig who could text.