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Text and Truck Platooning Improve Freight and Fleet

Truck platooning could signal the need for more coordination in the freight industry.

Text messaging and truck platooning parallel the trucking industry’s drive toward better communication to improve efficiencies with better response times and service in journeyman management.

Healthcare uses texting to help manage shifts

Texting and staff management: they can go hand in hand!

Text messaging can help hospitals reduce costs and improve response times. Care quality is always the focus of healthcare staff management. Automated shift callout systems for nurse and healthcare workers scheduling are now using text messaging by connecting to SMS gateways to improve quality of care.

Recruiters reach candidates faster by text messaging.

Some believe a new job surge is coming. Is your employment firm ready to handle the candidates?

Texting prospective candidates job updates through your database is the best way to automate alerts and reach candidates today. With employment growing, there’s incentive for recruiting agencies to reach candidates faster due to competitiveness in the marketplace. Recruiters are doing it by finding the right SMS Gateway, with simple SMS API calls to their candidate job database platform.