Data Sovereignty

Because of data security and sovereignty, I use Swift SMS Gateway. All their servers are in Canada. My apps demand it.

Competitor Customer

Because of excuses about blocked traffic from my old SMS API Text Message provider, I now use Swift SMS Gateway. Problem solved!

Testimonial 4

Swift SMS Gateway has global reach and the best support of any SMS aggregator around. They make it easy!


Maestro PMS launched with Swift SMS Gateway to give messaging integration and instant guest communication.

Testimonial 1

With Swift SMS demo I signed up with no commitments, so I could start building.

Blair Demarco-Wettlaufer

We’ve sent about 40 texts this morning and already have a response 1 hour in. This is going to help our business greatly. Thank you for offering a tremendous service.


Above all, Swift SMS Gateway is always ready to pitch in with great ideas, skills and technical depth.