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Financial Services SMS Are Trending

SMS services can help improve how your bank and financial services operate

In the financial services industry, SMS is now serving alerts for employees, account holders and investors. It’s all about sending text messages when they are most needed. Banks internationally use SMS to validate client transactions, while in Canada collection agencies have been approved to use SMS to help reach debtors and produce better results with ethical… Read more »

How Can A Pig Text Using A SMS API?

A Pig Can Text SMS API

About a year after Swift SMS Gateway started in 2007, a telling moment happened when a hog farmer called our sales desk past 5:00pm when it was closed. He wanted an SMS API account. Our President, Brian J. Johnson took the call. So Simple Even A Pig Can Connect To Our SMS API Why would… Read more »

4 ways companies use SMS alerts

Companies and organizations use text alerts to quickly notify people.

Many companies and organizations use SMS alerts to notify customers of important events or occurrences around them.