That’s okay — no code needed!

grext-smsIf you are not a developer, Swift SMS Gateway® offers GREXT, a simple, pay-as-you-go, web-based, group messaging app. It’s perfect for businesses and organizations wanting to manage group SMS communications — no code needed!

However, your needs may be more than group messaging. If so, by all means call us or have a developer check us out. Regardless, you’ve come to the right place, as we are experts in SMS.

Why Swift SMS?

Competitive Pricing

Cost is all-important, and it should always be considered in three parts:

  1. Setup charges
  2. Monthly fees
  3. Message credits

All business services need to be evaluated this way, whether the costs are direct or indirect, and we can help you discover your current and future text messaging needs. Our services are billed at a flat rate, by the month, or in bulk messaging invoices. And services are pre-paid, which discourages network abuse.

In the SMS Aggregation world, many text messaging companies impose confusing pricing based on where you’re sending to, and often pricing is determined by route quality. Our pricing is different. We believe reach is everything, and we strive to provide the best route quality available, with constant monitoring of routes and reach across the global network.

Tight Security

We’ve refined our business and client selection processes far beyond just firewalls to guard against spammers and hackers.

Swift SMS Gateway® backs its services with great Support Plans that have contractual Service Level Agreements tied with Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) that are reasonably priced and designed to be scalable to fit your business needs today and tomorrow.

SMS Specialists

We are text messaging specialists. It’s all we do. We are a mapleleafCanadian, facilities-based organization and we own the servers and hardware that manage and run our SMS gateway housed in world-class data centres.